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Abid sheikh is registered with and licensed by the Provincial Gov't. to solemnise Islamic weddings in the Province which are also deemed legal. The Marriage Certificate issued is provided by the Provincial Gov't. and is acceptable at all levels of government. Families/individuals intending to have Nikah performed may contact Abid at 506-696-4384 (leave message if not home). He will then arrange to meet with the parties concerned to facilitate solemnisation of the wedding.

Full Islamic funeral services are provided by MANB. The Association works with Fitzpatrick Funeral Home, Saint John, for complete ghusal and Kafan rituals according to Shariah. The body is then taken to the Masjid for Salat-ul-Janazah, and then transported to Islamic Cemetry in Sussex for Islamic burial.

Designated people in the Community are usually involved in taking care of the funeral services all the way so that the family of the deceased does not go through added stress. Total cost of the burial is later forwarded to the family for payment. Should the family be financially strained, part or total cost is assumed by the Association.
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This service was given to the Muslim patients officially until last year when the Hospital administration made some changes as a result of which this service will have to be renewed . However, on individual basis, Community people do visit the sick as and when the need arises.

On the second floor of the Regional Hospital, the Inter-Faith Chapel provides sacred space for worship to people of all faiths. MANB (represented by Dr. Kamil Kazi) was instrumental in the planning and designing of the Chapel in co-ordination with other Faith group reps. and Hospital Staff. There is a wudu area at the enterance of the Chapel with Sajjadahs(prayer rugs) and copies of Qur'an Kareem for recitation. Qiblah direction is facing the huge window on the wall immediately on entering the Chapel hall.

or over twenty five years, some Community members visited Federal Prisons in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, offering religious and spiritual services to the Muslim inmates, and Dawah to the non-Muslim seekers. Alhamdulillah, several inmates reverted to Islam over the period of time, and the dietary and other religious needs of the Muslims were looked after.

On "retirement" of the brothers from this project, Correctional Services of Canada assigned C.I.D., Centre for Islamic Development, Halifax, continue looking after the needs of the Muslim inmates in these Prisons.

Some members of the Community visit other members on weekly basis with the intention of building and maintaining mutual relations and offering Dawah as and when necessary. Such visits help reach out to the new arrivals who may be struggling to get settled , and also enourage those who have been in the closet to interact with the rest of the Community.

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