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Welcome to the MANB Library webpage!

With over a thousand books to choose from in topics ranging from Tafseer to Islamic economics to children’s stories, you are certain to discover a book especially for you. Refer to the MANB library catalogue to begin your search today. For pdf version click here - for MS Excel version click here..


MANB Library is managed and maintained by a group of dedicated volunteers – who forms a “MANB Library Committee”.

Their responsibility in the committee includes, but not limited to:

• Maintenance of the Masjid Library (i.e. cleanliness & order)
• Promote community involvement (i.e. library activities & material promotion)
• Book acquisitions (i.e. purchases & review appropriateness of additions)

To be part of this committee – please feel free to send an email to This will provide you a chance to participate in library activities, make recommendations, and provide donations in the form of books or monetary assistance.

Here are some links to free online libraries to get you started:



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